7 Chakras Meditation Music Balancing & Healing: Yoga Kundalini Meditation Music for Positive Energy

There are many support groups on the internet, and books that have been written about Kundalini Awakening.However the best support you can ever find is a knowledgable, trained and experienced yoga teacher who has been through some kind of awakening themselves.They are rare, but not as rare as you might think.Ask around, use Google, and see who you can find.Be discerning though and make sure you trust your own feelings and intuition.Never give your power away to someone you think knows more than you!Source theyogalunchbox
NuMeditationMusic youtube channel is devoted to create a new collection of LONG MEDITATION MUSIC videos for you to relax and enjoy in your daily meditation.In our channel you will find MUSIC playlists dedicated to BINAURAL BEATS, CHAKRA MEDITATION, BUDDHIST MEDITATION and SHAMANIC MEDITATION.Our goal is to enhance your experience of MEDITATION, ASTRAL PROJECTION, LUCID DREAMING and DEEP SLEEP.Check out our selection of PLAYLISTS:
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