Binaural Beats Pineal Gland Activation: Binaural Meditation Music, 936Hz Frequency, Open Third Eye

Part your teeth very slightly and press the tip of your tongue in the space between the top and bottom front teeth.Take a deep breath and slowly let it out as you say the mantra ‘Thoh’ (pronounced like ‘though’).Really draw out the word for as long as you can.You should be able to feel the vibration against your teeth, and eventually it will travel up to the third eye.Repeat the mantra a few times.Repeat the meditation daily for a few days, preferably at the same time every day.There may be tingling or a headache for a while, it might even throb.This depends on how “closed” the third eye had been.But as you proceed it will feel more and more ‘energized’ than uncomfortable.Step 4: Regulating
For the next couple of weeks, continue meditating without the mantra.Inhale and exhale, filling the third eye with positive energy each time.You will feel the third eye area become more sensitive.You may begin experiencing psychic flashes, improved intuition, very vivid dreams, or find yourself very artistically inspired.If so, congratulations—you’ve opened your third eye!SUBSCRIBE!NEW VIDEOS COMING SOON
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Photo by Francisca Ulloa (with a few changes) under the Creative Commons license

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