PINEAL GLAND Activation Frequency 936Hz: BINAURAL BEATS Meditation Music Third Eye Opening

(6) You end up closing your third eye, because you cannot validate the potential you see.Doubts disrupt, dispel and close the third eye very easily.Take the time to explore and be patient so you don’t push it too far from reality.Staying grounded is very important, when people get ungrounded, you lose trust and personal faith quickly.It’s fine to be excited, but many people will take your excitement the wrong way since they don’t trust their own truth.So share in a quieter manner and you will find people respond back in a stronger and more positive way.It takes a life time to truly open the third eye.Patience and modesty allow you to take the time to work with your third eye at its own opening pace.====================
LET’S CONNECT!Nu Meditation Music

Photo by H. Koppdelaney under the Creative Commons license
Sources: simonarich and personaltao websites
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